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                      Structure of RFID Logistics management syste


The logistics solution based on RFID technology, combine with advanced technology as GPS, GIS, GPRS, smart sensor, etc. Which can recognize the container itself, mark every carton wiht the tags to save all the information during the transportation and keep the safety for every carton.

Based on 2.4G RFID logistic management system solution, creat a logistic monitoring system concern to the containers which include logistic & status info RF Terminal, GPS tracker real time monitoring terminal and remote control system. With this system we can tracking the position all the time, checking the goods by interval time.

Function of RFID Logistics Management system:

Managing and monitoring the goods in the containers during the transportation is convenient and easily for customers to check the status of each goods, to distribute the logistics resources reasonably, to make sure the safety of all the goods. We can benefit more in this way as the work is going to be more easy but efficiency had a great improving.

Brief Introduction of RFID Logistics Management System:

At the origin, shipper marks each container wiht 2.4G tags in different ID and sends command to the tracker to receive the signal from tag. Here we need to bind the tag with the containger tightly for safety. In the process of transportation, tag will continually send signal to the tracker while the tracker will send these data to background monitor system with the GPRS feature. If any tag stops sending signal to the tracker, the owner or forwarder will notice the alarm at the first time and take actionss instantly. And the monitor system will have the record of all the information about when and where the goods get dropped. When the goods get the its destination, the receiver sends command to the tracker, stopping receiving tag signal.