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RF Wireless Monitoring Sensor and Gateway_RD06_WiFi

1. If the receiver receives the signal, it can parse out the ambient temperature;
2. 100pcs sensor tags could be recognized at a time;
3. LAN/WIFI transmission mode supporting.
RF Wireless Monitoring Sensor and Gateway_AVL11

1. Used the GPRS transmission mode, gather temp&RH data to platform;
2. 24/7/365 logistics management;
3. Large battery could work for 1 year without external power supplier.
Economic GPS Tracker

1. Smaller size&cost effective GPS tracker;
2. Several alarm types available;
3. GPRS, SMS support.
High End GPS Tracker

1. Could cut off the engine power gradually and safely when in urgency;
2. Versatile features for more scenes;
3. Support single location and continual tracking.
Temperature&Humidity Web Cloud Platform

1. Used to monitor the temperature and humidity of the whole process;
2. The curve support zoom, multi-select comparison, convenient to use;
3. Support to download data in PDF&CSV.
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