Model No.:TZ-RD01


1. Walk-in and reach-in refrigerators

2. Agricultural greenhouses

3. Plants and workshops

4. Cold chain reefers and refrigerated trailers

5. Pharmacy warehouses and laboratories



TZ-RD01 is a card reader that designed to read all kinds of RFID tags in the long range of the radio frequency, using the universal ISM 433MHz ultra low power microwave frequency band remote identification communication equipment. TZ-Tag06B and TZ-TAG06 using the active way through the wireless transmission of information from the tag ,then TZ-RD01 receiveS information and process through the RS232, WG26/34 and then sent to other devices for data processing applications.

TZ-RD01 card reader uses a 32 bit ARM processor with high performance,wide voltage input port with support,lightning protection,anti-static and shell with dustproof and waterproof protection, which has good stability and high speed data processing capabilities, and can support a variety of data formats, repeated reading technology,dynamic key encryption and authentication, to ensure data security, prevent eavesdropping and crack data link.

Key Functions

 General RS-232;

 External special USB configure interface, user can configure RD01 operating module;

 Prevent collision: advanced technology to prevent the collision, can identify more than 100 per second, at the same time without interference;

 Security: encryption algorithm and certification to ensure data security, to prevent the data link eavesdropping and data to be cracked

 Metal shell, resistance to high pressure;