Model No.:TZ-TT11-3G


1. Vegetable and fruit cold chain transportation

2. Hospital, blood center, disease control center, health and quarantine and inspection center

3. Scientific Research Laboratory, Sample Management Center



The temperature and humidity transmitter (hereafter referred as TT11-3G) is with built-in temperature & humidity sensor and can be used in the 3G/2G network, TT11-3G has good sensitivity and stable performance, It can geaccurate GPS fix even in remote places.

TT11-3G is with long standby time and only wakes up when it is time to send data, or when the user operates it. Other than this, it is in sleep state so can be used for a longer time to bring you more convenience.

TT11B can collect the ambient temperature and humidity with high precision quickly and transmit them to the server through GPRS.