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Model No.:LoRa Gateway_WIFI


1. Walk-in and reach-in refrigerators

2. Agricultural greenhouses

3. Plants and workshops

4. Cold chain reefers and refrigerated trailers

5. Pharmacy warehouses and laboratories



The LoRa Gateway_WIFI is an ultra-long-range wireless data acquisition gateway dedicated to 

receiving our temperature and humidity LoRa sensor. 

The built-in WIFI module realizes data transmission and can support the conversion between WIFI/ Ethernet interfaces. 

LoRa Gateway_WIFI uses high-performance 32-bit industrial processor and industrial-grade 

wireless module, with high reliability, stability and data security. 

Different from the previous ASK, FSK,GFSK, this gateway uses a special spread spectrum 

modulation technology LoRa greatly improved the sensitivity of the received, up to 157db link 

budget so that the wireless communication distance has improved significantly. The distance can 

up to 5km in open area.