Model No.:TZ-TempU03


The device is mainly used to monitor the temperature and humidity data of food, medicine, chemical products and other products during storage and transportation. It is widely used in all links of warehousing and logistics cold-chain, such as reefer containers, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated distribution boxes, cold storage laboratory, etc. Compact and light, it is economical to use. After the recording is completed, it is inserted into the computer without any driver and automatically generates reports.



Product Features:

ØDesigned to be multi-use
ØTemperature & Humidity measurement and recording
ØWide measuring range, high accuracy and large data memory
ØStatistics available on LCD screen
ØNo software needed to export data
ØAutomatically generates PDF report and CSV file
ØProgrammable software for logging parameters, alarms, and start delay

Operation Step:



Battery Replacement:

Step1: Turn the battery cover counterclockwise to open it. 

Step2: The battery cover position is as shown, indicating that it has been rotated to the accordant position.

Step3: Take off the battery cover.

Step4: Remove the CR2032 battery.

Step5: Replace the battery. (Please note that the positive and negative anodes)

Step6: Please install the battery cover as the direction shown.

Step7: Cover the battery and clockwise rotate it to close.

Step8: The battery cover is oriented as shown, indicating that the battery cover is installed tightly.


It is recommended to check the battery status before restarting the logger to ensure that the remaining battery capacity could finish the recording task. 

When the logger is connected to computer under the status of recording or pause status, it is prohibited to plug out the logger without battery power supply.