Model No.:TZ-TempU02


This data logger is used mainly to monitor and verify temperature-sensitive goods, equipment or areas. Example: Cold Chain, Refrigeration, transportations and food&pharmaceutical.



The PDF USB Temperature Data Logger is one kind of TZONE cold chain data logger. It is mainly used for temperature recording during storage and transportation of foodstuff, medicine, chemicals and other products.After record finish,it can be inserted to computers USB port and get PDF report directly.


Operating Instructions:

1. Press and hold the button more than 3 sec.then the OKlight will brighten in 3 sec.,which indicates a successful starting,then you can put the data logger in the place where you want to monitor and record.

2. When logging,if you dont press the button,the indicated lights wont flash.If you want to know the status of the Logger,you should press the button shortly,then the OKlight(normal temperature) or the ALARMlight(over temperature)will flash.

3. If the memory full or press and hold the button for more than 3 sec.the ALARMlight will brighten in 3 sec.,which indicates a successful stopping.

4. Tear or cut off the plastic bag and insert the logger into an available USB port on a PC.OKlight and ALARMlight will flash in turn when a PDF is generating.When PDF has generated,theOKlight will bright until pull out from the USB port.