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Model No.:LoRa sensor


1. Walk-in and reach-in refrigerators

2. Agricultural greenhouses

3. Plants and workshops

4. Cold chain reefers and refrigerated trailers

5. Pharmacy warehouses and laboratories



LoRa Sensor wireless temp sensor is a high quality product designed by Tzone Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.Well overcome many shortcomings happened in similar products,with full consideration on tough environment and more.Long range(5km),small volume(106mm*57mm*33mm),long time use features(Stand by 3years with 15mins interval).Validated by many vital projects with stability and reliance features.LoRa Sensor can collect temp readings with preset interval and send out via LoRa 433MHz module,then gateway products can translate raw data to temperature and battery voltage information.Widely used in temperature monitoring applications with our gateway product.

Advantages of Lo-Ra Technology

The wireless communication of devices is based on SEMTECH RF integrated chip SX127X RF module, which is a high-performance Internet of things wireless transceiver, the special LoRa debugging method can greatly increase the communication distance, so it can be widely used in various occasions, to meet needs in long distance Internet of things wireless communications. 

Compared with the traditional 433Mhz wireless communication, LoRa combines digital spread spectrum, digital signal processing and forward error correction coding technology, and has the advantages of unprecedented volume, low power consumption, low transmission distance and strong anti-interference ability. It uses spread spectrum modulation technology to demodulate less than 20 db of noise, which ensures a high sensitivity and reliable connection while improving communication efficiency and eliminating interference.

LoRa technology achieves the communication distance which is much longer than other wireless protocols, which makes the LoRa system can work well without a repeater, thus reducing the total cost of projects.