Model No.:TZ-Tag06B


1. Cabinet freezer, refrigerator, ect.

2. Cold chain logistics

3. Greenhouse

4. Medicaenvironment control

5. Assembly line, warehouse, workshop ect



TZ-Tag06B temperature and humidity transmitter is a new designed high-quality wireless acquisition terminal that we developed. Taking a full consideration of bad environment and applying situation in the field, solved successfully some kind of shortage that existed in similar products. With long data transmission distance (300m), small volume (63mm*38mm*31mm) and long life battery (3 years battery life if every 60s data collecting), it is already verified in many key projects. Temperature value collected termly by the transmitter will be sent out through the embedded communication module 433Mhz. The receiver will parse out the ambient temperature, voltage of the transmitter battery and so on once received the single.   


1. Use the Switzerland SENSIRION temperature and humidity sensor, with strong stability, fast response, and full-scale temperature compensation

2. 433Mhz adapts the new generated wireless sensor from American Silicon Labs, with strong sending power, long transmission distance, powerful penetrability and low attenuation. Beside, it adopts the frequency hopping and time sharing technology to make sure the reliability of the communication.

3. The transmitter supports 3 working module: Normal working module, temperature and humidity overrun module and low voltage module. To better track the ambient temperature and humidity change, the data collecting time is different in each module.

4. 1200mAh/3.6V battery built-in, long time standby and stable performance. The electricity is less than 1uA when the sleep mode.