Model No.:TZ-BT05


1. Refrigerated storage and transportation

2. Archives

3. Experimental (test) rooms

4. Workshop

5. Museums

6. Pharmaceutical environment

7. Fresh transport





TZ-BT05 is a low power consumption Bluetooth Data Logger, using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, Nordic NRF51822 chip development and design. It can collect temperature of the surrounding environment and recording and preservation of historical data, can store up to 12000 pieces temperature data, Bluetooth 4.0 can be downloaded over the phone APP, to achieve full stage real-time temperature recording. It has the small size, light weight, easy to carry, high accuracy and other characteristics, widely used in various other areas of refrigerated storage and transport, archives, experimental (test) rooms, museums and other temperature testing.

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Main features: 

1. Real-time display of data

2. High accuracy and stability

3. Bluetooth 4.0

4. Long distance wireless transfer

5. Built-in highly sensitive temperature sensor

6. It can store 12,000 pieces of temperature data

7. You can set the alarm temperature range

8.The temperature graph can be automatically generated in the APP

The real-time temperature data also could be monitored on the BT web cloud platform.