Model No.:TZ-AVL19


·Vehicle Security/Recover/Anti-hijacking         

·Mobile Asset Tracking, Location-based Services        

·Fleet Management: car, taxi, bus, truck etc.        

·Manage your Assets, Use for School bus, logistics project     



AVL19 is a GPS/GSM/GPRS tracking device which is specially developed and designed for vehicle real-time tracking and security. With superior GPS and GPRS modules, AVL19 has good sensitivity and stable performance. It can get accurate GPS fix even in remote places. AVL19 also has the function of RFID card management, which can manage various frequency RFID card, including 125 KHZ and 13.56 MHZ, UHF and 2.4GHZ, 433MHz. It compatibles with tracking and RFID management platform developed by TZONE DIGITAL. It has extensive application value in the field of intelligent wireless management.

Key Features


High sensitive SIRFIV Star GPS Chipset module

Locate single waypoint or track continuously

Locate at preset time interval or real time

Live tracking on map



GPRS/SMS connection;

Get messages as SOS, low power, speed alarm, geo-fence alarm, etc.

Send low power notification when battery will die out

Remote control via mobile phone or computer

TCP/UDP protocol Two-

way conversation

 I/O

6 digital input, 3 digital output,2 analog input ,4 serial port and 1 mini USB port

Cut off engine instantly or in on-off mode when someone drives vehicle

Send power disconnection alarm when someone cuts off power line

Turn on or off door-lock

Measure oil, water temperature and air temperature

Detect on/off status such as engine, ACC, doors etc.

Monitor environment voice

Connect serial port devices such as camera


ShenzhenTZONE Digital TechnologyCO.,LTD. TZ-AVL19user manual

Support for multiple frequency RFID card including 125 KHZ or 13.56 MHz or

UHF or 2.4 GHz or 433M

Support external various RFID reader as 125 KHZ or 13.56 MHz or UHF or

13.56 G reader

Custom communication protocol

 Others

Set parameters via mobile phone or configuration software Build-

in motion sensor;

Sleep when no motion

Detect working status periodically like hear-beat rate

32M memory

Rechargeable li-polymer battery

Compatibles with tracking and RFID management platform

SD card storage function (Options)