Model No.:TZ-AVL11


  1. Vehicle tracking

  2. Mobile asset tracking, Location-based services

  3. Fleet management: car, taxi, bus, truck etc.

  4. Vehicle security



AVL11 is a receiving terminal and gateway products of temperature and humidit monitoring system; this product has a positioning function with the installation of GPS tracking, usually used on logistics vehicles and other modes of transport or placed in the warehouse and other fixed places; this product with 433 wireless mode which can receive a plurality of TAG06/TAG06B sensors to collect temperature and humidity data, then upload data to the server through GPRS; and it has the characteristics of long distance transmission, high stability and fast data transmission, and the appearance of fashion,and easy to install, to monitoring temperature and humidity when change location information or real-time monitoring of warehouse and other fixed places,users can check data changes from real-time remote monitoring of temperature and humidity information in storage cold chain logistics.