Q :What is the difference between Geo-fence Alarm Report and Track by Distance Report?
A :After setting Geofence waypoints, you can set alarm when the tracker enters or exits the waypoint. While for Track by Distance, the message will be sent only when the moving distance reaches preset value..

Q :I can’t find the ON/OFF button, how can I turn on the unit?
A :1. Unscrew and remove the rectangular cover at the back of the unit; 2. Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 3~5 secondsand then both LEDs will flash. Or connect the unit to external power, and then both LEDs will flash. It indicates the unit is on..

Q :How to get the machine log?
A :Using configuration software, in the software, there is “SAVE” button. Clicking it and you can get the log.

Q :Can 2.4G Tag set the receiving distance?
A :You can choose different reading distance tag when factory is making them, but you cannot set it by yourself.

Q :Why AVL05 always send “begin charge” warning every 5seconds? Is about power supply or battery?
A :It is reminding you to charge its external voltage, not the battery.

Q :13.56M passive school car how to connect 13.56M card reader?
A :You should use COM1 to connect them.

Q :Do your platform have a limit to the amount of the tracker?
A :No, there is no limit.

Q :Which position the GPS antenna should be placed ?
A :We suggest the GPS antenna should be placed in the front windscreen of the car, and the GPS should ba faced up(Do not put it out of the car). Because the GPS signal will be hindered if we put it interior of the car. Signal will be better in the opening place.

Q :What's the meaning of the LED lights flashing in the machine?
A :When machine is in working mode, green led is GSM, blue led is GPS, red led is Power; If green and blue leds lighting 0.1s and dark 2.9s, which means the SIM card find the signal and the GPS find the satellite; If green and blue leds lighting 1s and dark 2s, which means the SIM card doesn’t find the signal and the GPS doesn’t find the satellite; And if three leds are dark, maybe the machine go into the “sleep mode” or the battery need to be charged.

Q :The warranty period of the products?
A :Warranty is one year. In warranty period, if it is the quality problem(not damaged by people), we do not charge the maintenance fee, customer pays the freight from customer to our company, and we are in charge of the freight from our company to the customer’s city. But if the machine is out of the warranty period, we will charge the maintenance, and the customer need to pay the freight on two-way.(Warranty does not include low priced and easily worn articles)

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