Q :Can`t connect the server via the GPRS?
A :SIM card in GT08 doesn`t support GPRS function, The APN is not correct, GPRS function is closed, Incorrect IP and Port, GSM signal is weak, Resolution: Open the GPRS function for the SIM card, Make sure the APN correct, Open the GPRS function for the unit (016 command), Get the correct socket of the server, Move the device to a good GSM signal area,

Q :Can`t receive the GPS?
A :Unit doesn`t have a open sky, Bad GPS reception, Battery is low, Resolution: Move the unit to an open sky. Tall buildings, trees, cloud or heavy rain will case the bad GPS reception. Place the front side of the unit towards sky, Charge the unit and get enough power for the unit working,

Q :GSM function can`t work normal?
A :There is no GSM signal, Not insert the SIM card, SIM card has PIN code active, SIM card damaged, Battery is low, Resolution: Compare with a mobile to check the GSM signal, Make sure you insert a SIM card and the SIM can work, Remove the PIN code of the SIM card, Charge the unit to ensure the GSM start working,

Q :Unit will not reply with SMS?
A :1) The unit don`t register the GSM network, The signal is poor, Wrong password or wrong command format, The SIM is GT08 has run out of credit, Resolution: Check the SIM card has enough money for work, Check the unit registers the GSM network, Check the CSQ value of the GSM signal, Please care about the command format, attention it is “,” not a “,”.

Q :Turn on the unit, and come into sleep mode?
A :The battery needs to charge,The device needs to initialize after update new firmware. Resolution: Charge the unit, Please don`t turn off and on after you update the new firmware.

Q :Unit will not turn on?
A :Battery needs to charge, The switch is broken. Resolution: Recharge the unit for 3 hours, Needs to repair.

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